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   STACHE WAX a classic man needs a classic wax.
Beeswax and Coconut Oil shapes your stache, while adding volume and superior control without grease or residue.  

  WOODY'S BEARD OIL.      • Great for Tatoos, as well !! 

Macadamia, Moringa and Kukui Nut, oils add shine as they help to prevent dry, itchy skin. Woody's special formula helps to soothe, moisturize and invigorate, as it delivers the nutrients your skin and facial hair needs.

2-in-1 CONDITIONER pamper your skin and beard all in one .
Formulated with a special strengthening and conditioning blend of extracts and essential nutrients to soothe and treat your beard and skin. Its special deep conditioning ingredients help to prevent flaking and dry skin underneath your beard and to help keep the skin in optimum condition. 

WOODY'S BEARD BALM No heavy stiff pastes or wax feel.

The special blend of coconut oil, panthenol, and natural beeswax adds great shine as it controls frizz to keep your beard looking natural and together.

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