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Woody's Shaving Products
Woody's Shave Lather provides a completely different shaving experience. This moisturizing cream helps you get the closest shave possible without razor burn or irritation.

Calm, soothe and restore moisture balance to skin after shaving with Woody's Shave Relief Balm. This light, non-greasy lotion blasts skin with a cool, refreshing feeling for the perfect finish to your shave.

Woody's After Shave Tonic will leave your face feeling cool, smooth and refreshed while repairing damaged skin.
Mustache Wax
A classic man needs a classic wax to mold and shape his mustache.

Stache Wax will have you looking dapper and cunningly groomed in seconds. Classic styling mustache wax easily shapes and molds your mustache. Beeswax and Coconut Oil add lasting volume and provide superior control without any grease or lingering residue.
Woody's Beard Care
Woody's takes the traditional Beard products and makes them entirely new by combining essential oils in a unique blend for the ultimate control and shine, while leaving the skin silky and conditioned.
Woody's Body/Laundry Spray
Use with extreme caution! Woody's Body and Laundry Sprays are the only professional body spray in the men's category with a blend of unique fragrances to enhance and entice any situation or personality. Great as an all over body spray or laundry spray, you'll be remembered wherever or whenever you use it!
Woody's Hair Care
Daily Shampoo for Men

A fresh, citrus burst scent, with musky undertones. Manly enough to make her swoon. Essential oils and vegetable and keratin proteins in Woody's Daily Shampoo nourish and strengthen your hair while stimulating your scalp.

Daily Conditioner for Men

Feel the tingle? Nothing like a little scalp stimulation in the a.m.! Leave it to the menthol, eucalyptus, and tea tree extracts in Woody's Daily Conditioner to stimulate and refresh your scalp and hair.
Woody's Hair and Body Wash
Woody's Hair and Body Wash is an invigorating experience as you wash from head to toe. As a Body Wash with its invigorating Woody fragrance and awesome foam, you can be sure that you'll be sparkling clean and ready to go. As a shampoo your hair will be fuller, shinier and conditioned.
Woody's Styling
Woody's Styling gives you the best hold around, without flaking.
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